Solar Hydronic Heating

Modern Hydronic Heating focuses on driving operating cost down and providing proven designs to maximize comfort and system reliability. Hydronic Heating has been used for nearly 100 years and if we dig deep, we can see similarities in the way the Ancient Romans used water for centralized heating. Carbon fuel has long been the choice for hydronic heating however solar is gaining in popularity. Most people associate solar with electricity or pool heating but Solar’s ability to provide free, cost effective thermal energy means it pairs well with modern hydronic heating systems.

The advancement of solar vacuum tube allows customers to harness the sun’s energy in the middle of a cold winter. Yes, there will still need to be a main source of heat to compliment the solar but generally a solar thermal system can cut heating cost by 40%-60% if installed correctly.

Large thermal Storage – The key to integrating solar thermal with any hydronic system is to provide a large storage mass. This is normally in the form of a large solar hot water tank but can also be done using the mass of concrete in an in-floor heating system. Having a large amount of storage is like having a large number of electrical batteries, it is what gets you through the evenings and days without sunlight.

Solar Hydronic Heating Systems are most often paired with domestic hot water system as well as a summer load such as a pool. By using the energy both in the winter and summer, homeowners will double their investment returns. With out an energy sync in the summer the problem becomes too much energy and often the collectors will need to be covered.

High Temperature Alert – Do not be fooled! Solar Hydronic Heating system can get very hot. Unlike boilers with high temperature shut offs, there is no shut of on a solar system. So they can reach temperatures well over 200 F. Proper design is needed when installing solar heaters to a radiant system as you need to ensure that the solar is mixed down and that the components can withstand the very high temperature.

Professional Design- the key to a great solar hydronic heating system is proper design. We have over 25 years in solar thermal design and use the best software to ensure your system is reliable and safe and provides you energy savings for years to come. Call us 1 800 317 9054 to see how we can help!