DIY Solar Water Heaters

Northern Lights has built all our solar water heating kits around the DIY installer. While we certainly convey hiring a professional plumber or HVAC professional, we realize that the added installation cost is often the reason homeowners simply can’t financially justify the investment into green energy. You will find all our products are geared toward the DIY market allowing for great savings. However, DIY does not mean you are on your own. We provide some of the best technical support in the industry and are with you through the entire steps of the installation. More importantly all our solar water heating packages come complete with every item you will need to complete your project. This includes fittings, piping, solar heating fluid and all the other items such as solar collectors, tanks, controllers. We even go as far as including a fill pump to prime and fill your system with the solar heating fluid.

Our solar heating kits have been pre-engineered to provide you with the maximum performance with safety in mind. We have eliminated the costly need to hire a plumber to solder the pipes and instead we provide our flexible stainless-steel solar piping that uses compression fittings to seal the lines solar line sets.

For customer’s that want a more advanced solar thermal system we provide the optional RESOL MX thermal controller which provides endless possibilities and includes remote control and remote monitoring. All our system come with FREE design layouts to help you install your system with confidence.

If you would like to work with an experience installer, please give us a call and we can check our database to see who is in your area. 1 800-317-9054

DIY Solar Water Heating Kits