Solar DIY Installation Kits

Many of us would love to make the ecological switch to solar energy. By using the sun as our main heat source we have something that is sustainable, renewable and good for the environment. However there is one main factor that prohibits many from taking the plunge into greener forms of energy, the costs. Initial costs can range into the thousands of dollars and even though the homeowner will eventually reclaim these costs with lower heating bills, the initial outlay is still more than many families can afford. Even the cost of a simple unit such as solar water heating can range into the thousands of dollars.
There is one viable solution to cut the costs, DIY solar water heating. Many are under the impression that this is impossibility. Many believe that only experts can make and install these systems. While highly trained experts do offer an excellent product there is no reason why someone with a good set of plans and some basic building skills cannot create their own DIY solar water heating unit.
DIY solar water heating has been made possible through the World Wide Web. By sitting in front of your computer and doing a couple of hours of research, thousands of options will become available to you. There are hundreds of sites offering basic plans to get you started. For those that can spend a bit more, some companies will sell you the essential equipment and leave you to do the installation. These cost more than doing it from scratch but those with no skills at all in the world of doing it yourself might want to consider this as an option.
One of the major falsehoods surrounding DIY solar water heating is that it requires expensive and special equipment to create. Again, this is completely untrue. Basic tools are all that is required to create a good DIY solar water heating system. Specifically a hacksaw or wood saw, drill, hammer screws, paintbrush, file and tape measure. The more specialized pieces can be bought at your local hardware store.
Finally, many believe that DIY solar water heating systems made on your own will not last as long as those done by a professional. Once again this is completely false. Provided a good set of plans was used and the person followed the instructions carefully, there is no reason why your DIY solar water heating system will not last for years.
Creating your own DIY solar water heating system is something that nearly anyone can do with a little common sense and good plans. It is also something that can help you with. For the latest information on DIY solar water heating systems, log onto the site. They will have all the latest information as well as links to plans to get you on your way. Don’t let the cost of solar energy keep you from going green. Log onto the site and learn to do it yourself.