Solar Space Heating

Solar Space Heating - Solar space heating has grown in popularity largely due to the introduction of solar evacuated tubes.  The solar vacuum tube has a much higher efficiency curve as well as much higher operating temperatures and as such performs nearly the same in the winter as it they do in the summer.  This means that customer can use solar evacuated tubes to heat their homes, garages, shops and industrial space very effectively in the winter months.


Solar Space heating is done in the same way as solar water heating and usually utilizes the domestic hot water heater as the battery to store the energy to be used when need when the house calls for heat.   A larger 119 gallon solar hot water tank can store about 120,000 BTU of home heating energy (35 Kw).   This stored energy is then moved from the hot water tank to the home through a 2nd top heat exchanger located in the top of the solar storage tank.  A second pump system is activated when the house calls for heat and move the heat from the tank to the home through either in floor heating coils or an air to water heat exchanger in the forced air furnace.


Our solar heating tanks come with internal heating element that can be used to top up the water temperature if there is no sunlight available. This is great for homeowners investing in solar space heating as they do not need to go out and but a separate boiler. The storage tank also acts as the back up tank.