Solar Radiant Floor Heating

Northern Lights Solar Solutions is the leader in integrating solar water heating system with hydronic or radiant floor heating. This system is the most cost-effective means of heating homes or shops. The Hybrid Solar Heating system provides both domestic hot water supply as well as a complete turnkey solution for supplying heat to radiant floor loops. 

The use of our dual coil storage tank with a backup heating element allows you supplement your radiant floor heating with solar energy.  The backup heating element ensures that the hydronic loop always has heat even during the night or in times of little solar energy. The Resol solar thermal controller can control both your solar heater as well as control the in-floor heating system saving you, even more, money. Now you don’t need to go out and buy a boiler system as this will do it all!

For those that don’t need domestic hot water or require less temperature control then you can simply use the concrete as your storage mass. This will keep your shop warm but because all the heat goes into the concrete from the storage you may have times where your temperatures will fluctuate.

Having the storage tank will give you two major benefits:

  1. You can store the solar energy and release it to the in-floor heating system when it is needed. Our solar storage tanks are very well insulated losing only a couple degrees per day. The top heat exchanger is used to remove the stored heat energy and transfer it to the in-floor heating pipes.

  2. The tank has a 4.5 Kw heating element which acts as an electric boiler so you can always be guaranteed some heat regardless of the solar. This replaces the need to buy a boiler for your system that can cost up to $5000.

Solar Space Heating direct to a Concrete Slab

Solar Space Heating with Buffer Tank