Stiebel Eltron Accelera 220 E Heat Pump Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron Accelera 220 E Heat Pump Water Heater


Accelera 220 E Heat Pump Water Heater Requires SIN or Tax ID for shipping to USA The Accelera® E extracts 80 percent of the heat it needs to make hot water from the energy in ambient air. The heat pump draws only 650 watts and every watt it uses generates 3–5 watts of hot water. Read More
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Accelera 220 E Heat Pump Water Heater

Requires SIN or Tax ID for shipping to USA

Accelera 220E

The Accelera® E extracts 80 percent of the heat it needs to make hot water from the energy in ambient air. The heat pump draws only 650 watts and every watt it uses generates 3–5 watts of hot water. In warm climates, the unit can be placed in a garage, where it uses the heat from the outside air; or inside the house, where it helps with air conditioning. In cooler climates, it is typically placed in a basement where it also dehumidifies the basement.

Accelera 220EAccelera Heat Pump Water Heater


How the Accelera® heat pump works

Accelera how it works

An Accelera® works like an air conditioner, but instead of transferring the heat to the outdoors, it transfers heat into the tank of water. This process is many times more efficient than any other type of water heater. It works like this:

•The fan moves room air through the evaporator, which contains liquid refrigerant that extracts heat from the ambient air as it evaporates. As the refrigerant warms, it changes into a gas.

•The warm gaseous refrigerant passes through the compressor which increases its pressure. As the pressure increases, the temperature of the refrigerant rises until it becomes hot.

•The hot refrigerant then passes through the condenser wrapped around the water tank. Because heat travels from hot to cold, the heat in the refrigerant transfers to the water in the tank.

•The refrigerant, having transferred its heat to the water is now a super-cool liquid. It then passes through the expansion valve to become a warmer, yet still cold, liquid, ready to become a gas again in the evaporator and continue the cycle. Accelera® heat pump water heaters use environmentally-friendly R134a for refrigerant.

Accelera sizing recommendation

Accelera Controller


Digital display: The Accelera® 220 E and 300 E have a simple-to-operate end user menu that is accessed through the electronic display. The display also shows performance information, including total volume of hot water available. Accelera® is “smart meter” ready and options are accessed through the display.
Easy access for service: The entire top of an Accelera® 220 E and 300 E can be quickly removed for easy servicing from all sides.
Redesigned air flow:  Air intake and exhaust are angled to allow opportunity for installation in compact spaces. In addition we decreased noise by separating the airflow from the refrigerant loop and increasing fan diameter.
Impressed current anode corrosion protection: The Accelera® 220 E and 300 E are equipped with an electronic anode for maintenance-free protection instead of an anode rod. This system also provides protection with the minimum current necessary as opposed to a steady-on system.
The condenser:  The Accelera® 220 E and 300 E have a rollbond wrap-around condenser because it prevents refrigerant contamination of the water, mitigates hard water problems (in conjunction with the glass-lined tank), and is the best solution for energy efficiency.
The evaporator:  The coating on the Accelera® evaporator protects against corrosion and also allows quick water drainage for increased air flow and greater heat transfer and efficiency. Because the evaporator is self-cleaning no filter is
required. A dual-path refrigerant flow provides cold climate performance in addition to warm climate performance.
The cold water inlet:  Even the smallest thing is not overlooked. The cold water outlet is designed to prevent incoming cold water from cooling the hot water in the tank during a draw. This helps provide the greatest possible volume of hot water without using the booster heating element. This feature also increases heat pump efficiency by allowing a small cold water reservoir to remain in the very bottom of the tank.
Large tank + single heating element:  A heat pump water heater’s recovery time is slower than a standard tank. But with the correct balance engineered between tank size and heat pump capacity, both efficiency and comfort are possible. The tank in an Accelera® 300 E is 80 gallons because we know that is an optimal size to satisfy average annual household hot water demand as much as possible via the heat pump. Similarly the Accelera® 220 E tank is 58 gallons because it is an optimal size for smaller households. With both models, if more hot water is needed, the single back-up element at the top of the tank near the outlet ensures comfort without sacrificing efficiency.


What's the differenceAccelera Product Line


• Reduces hot water costs by up to 80%
• Optimal storage capacity and a design minimizing booster element usage allows for both high efficiency and low operating cost
• Engineered for efficiency in a wide range of climates, with a Coefficient of Performance typically between 3–6
• 240 V and only a single 15 A circuit breaker
• 10-year warranty backed by over 90 years of engineering and manufacturing reliability
• Certified to UL Std. 499, UL 1995, UL 94-5 VA, UL 174. Conforms to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No. 110.


Accelera LabeledAccelera efficiency rate


Model Accelera® 220 E Accelera® 300 E
Item no. 233058 233059
Tank capacity 58 gal (220 l) 79.8 gal (302 l)
Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) 3.115 3.609
DOE est. annual energy usage 1040 kWh/yr 1289 kWh/yr
First hour rating 50.3 gal (190.4 l) 74.2 gal (280.8 l)
Max. DHW temperature 149 °F (65 °C) 149 °F (65 °C)
Max. avail. amount of 104 °F (40 °C) DHW 106 gal (400 l) 147 gal (560 l)
Heat-up time (59 °F ambient air temp.) 6.98–8.70 hr 9.75 hr
Heat-up time (44 °F ambient air temp.) 10.02–11.97 hr 13.41 hr
Voltage / Frequency (Single phase) 220–240 V / 60/50 Hz 220–240 V / 60/50 Hz
Required circuit breaker 15 A, Type C 15 A, Type C
Maximum power draw 2150 W 2150 W
Rated power, booster element 1500 W 1500 W
Sound pressure level at 3.3 ft / 1 m* 52 dB(A) 52 dB(A)
Sound power level* (EN 12102) 60 dB(A) 60 dB(A)
Operating temperature range 42–108 °F (6–42 °C) 42–108 °F (6–42 °C)
Max. permissible operating pressure, cold
116 psi (0.8 MPa) 16 psi (0.8 MPa)
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Height 6013/16" (1545 mm) 751/4" (1913 mm)
Diameter 273/16" (690 mm) 26" (660 mm)
Empty weight 264.5 lb (120 kg) 297.6 lb (135 kg)
Full weight 748.5 lb (339.5 kg) 956.6 lb (433.9 kg)
Condensate connection ¾" male NPT to ½" barbed elbow ¾" male NPT to ½" barbed elbow
Water connections 1" NPT 1" NPT
Type of anode Impressed current anode Impressed current anode

* Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measures the sound level (loudness) at a distance from the source. SPL varies depending on the acoustic environment and the accuracy of the measurement device. Sound Power Level (SWL) is an engineering measurement of the sound energy emitted by a source.

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